What is ‘Week in the Life”?

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Have you ever heard the saying “You can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes”? The ‘week in a life’ is your chance to do just that. It is a week-long experience that we have developed in an effort to simulate some of the situations and difficult life-choices that many migrant Mexican workers and families in the area must make. It will be as if you arrived from mainland Mexico searching for work. You and your ‘family’ will build a structure that you will live in (on our base) – where you will cook your meals over a fire, bathe, wash your clothes by hand and sleep. During the days you will do work that is common in the area for day labourers and receive the average income that a family your size would make in order to purchase your food and pay your bills. Most Academy alumni claim that this week was one of the most challenging and most impactful weeks of their life. Living out a bit of the reality of people you will meet during your time in Mexico will add perspective that is not possible from just talking about the issues or even seeing it. Come let our staff guide you through this experience as you walk a mile in a migrant worker’s shoes for a week.