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With all the issues that youth are facing, there tends to be a common thread: A lack of connection and purpose. Through our school tours, live-streamed assemblies and peer-mentorship programs, LiveDifferent Circles helps young people explore important values, build stronger relationships and get activated in kindness—leaving your youth more compassionate, resilient and hopeful.

How can Circles be used to support your group?

Using engaging media and carefully crafted peer-to-peer discussions, Circles creates meaningful connections for youth in middle school and high school that will inspire action! It can take many different forms and be adapted to fit your needs. We offer the following:

School Tours

Host interactive assemblies, sessions, and workshops.

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Online Assemblies

Live-streamed, interactive programming that unpacks meaningful topics.

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Peer Mentorship

Weekly discussion-based program that inspires connection and action.

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Hear what people are saying

After a year of creating deeper relationships and inspiring action, we spoke to youth participants, leaders, and adult facilitators about their experience with Circles.

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Having reached over 1.6 million youth with our programs, we would love to connect on how we can inspire yours.

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Our philosophy

Our approach toward positive youth development is not to just focus on the outward symptoms that students are facing. Instead of only talking about problems like drinking, drugs, bullying and mental health, we build authentic conversations around key values and strengths that create resilience and not only protect against these risks, but empower students to be agents of change in their school and community.

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