A community-building, peer-mentorship program that will create connections and inspire action.

LiveDifferent Circles is a versatile, student or teacher-led initiative where participants explore themes that will develop both their character and community.

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Six interactive video episodes that will guide your group as you unpack key lifestyle values while gathering together in a circle.


How do we really connect with others?


How can we make others feel important?


Can our beliefs change who we become?


How can we become stronger from life’s challenges?


How can we become people who make a difference?

Values and Priorities

What are the things that really matter to us?

Compassion Project

One of the seven sessions within the Circles program empowers students to take action by planning and executing a kindness-based project that will impact their school or community.

What makes up LiveDifferent Circles:

Student leader training with one of our dedicated leadership coaches

Circle-based learning

Deep, meaningful discussions

Six weeks of conversation around key values and strengths

Compassion project to impact your community

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Hear firsthand from youth participants, leaders and adult facilitators about their experience with LiveDifferent Circles.

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