You’ve raised them to be generous and kind.

Now, let them go change the world.

Our Builds are safe, charitable, and change lives.

They believe they can make a difference in our world—and they’re right!

When they come with us on a Build, the world becomes a better place.

Provide a Home

A deserving family receives a safe, dry place to call home.

Strengthen Communities

As the lives of families improve, the community as a whole is strengthened.

Deepen Relationships

Working with locals and other volunteers creates deep, lasting connections.

They are about to go through a 10-day growth spurt.

All of the lessons that you’ve taught them growing up—that it’s good to be compassionate, that hard work pays off, that working up a sweat is a good thing, and that you should dream big—well, they are all reinforced on a Build.

A whole lot of good happens as a result of a Build.

A family’s life is changed forever
when they receive a safe, dry home.
The future of each volunteer is shaped
in a meaningful way.
heightened or maintained a high level of self-confidence
developed or maintained a sense that they could make a difference in the world
increased or continued their commitment to volunteering and social justice causes

Safe experiences for everyone.

You can choose to be as connected as you want before, during, and after a Build. We’re always available to chat if you have any questions! And during a Build, we can get messages to any volunteer if needed through our staff on the ground. 

Where we Build.

We have community partners in the following countries.

There are a lot of organizations that try to harness youthful enthusiasm and empathy for profit. Not us.

We have a Canadian charity number to prove it.

Our Builds are designed to have a lasting impact on the lives of our volunteers and the communities that we work with. Together with local leaders, we identify much-needed projects and pair them with volunteers. As a result, we are able to issue tax receipts for all funds raised by volunteers towards their Build.

"Thanks for keeping us informed, engaged and feeling at peace while our daughter was on a Live Different Build. We are amazed at the confident young woman who has returned, and have spent hours talking about the connections and relationships she has made."

Parent of a Volunteer

"The Live Different staff showed themselves confident and competent in all situations. I have been very impressed with every member of the staff."

Father of a Volunteer(after going on a Build with his two daughters and son)

"There is no way to accurately put a dollar value on an experience like this."

Parent of a Volunteer

"I would like to give some constructive criticism to you and your staff regarding my Live Different Build experience, but I can't. Everything was beyond what I expected it could have ever been, thank you so much to you and your staff for everything you do. You are an inspiration to all."

Father of a Volunteer(after going on a Build with his daughter)

By now, you probably have some questions.

You can ask us anything but here are a few answers to some questions we get a lot.

Where do they stay?

They’ll be staying in gated residences or hotels that are supervised by our own staff. All food is carefully prepared and we have medical staff on-call at all times.

How much does it cost?

Somewhere between $1,600 and $2,900 will need to be fundraised depending on location (see a specific Build solid numbers). But don’t forget, because these are charitable humanitarian projects, all donations not made by immediate family members, and 60% of donations made by immediate family members towards their fundraising goal are tax receiptable.

Is it safe?

Safety is our number one priority. In addition to being fully certified in First Aid and CPR, our staff is also trained and equipped for any emergency situation that could arise. We also have access to quality medical attention 24/7. In addition, and all adult volunteers and staff must review and sign our Child Protection Policy.

What about flights?

Tax law doesn’t allow us to provide charitable receipts for flights, so these costs are in addition to any minimum fundraising amount. With that said, we have a partnership with WestJet, who offer us 10% off most volunteer flights. When you register, we’ll send you a code to use.

And if you’d rather your teen not hop on an international flight by themselves, just contact us and we chat about our travel buddy system.

How does communication before and during the trip work?

You’ll receive a copy of all correspondence and materials, helping ensure this experience is life changing for your teen. During the trip, staff is available to respond to your email or take your call, 24/7.

How are you connected to the host community?

We have long-term partnerships with each community that is built on respect, dignity, and humility. Through these partnerships, we’re able to ensure that our impact is sustainable. To learn more about our Development Model, click here.

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