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10 days of growth, experiential learning, and making a difference.

Here’s what makes a service-learning trip—we call them Builds—so special:

Build a Home

Your group will build an actual house. By working alongside the family and local contractors, you’ll witness the fruits of your sweaty labour and see the difference you have made together.

Strengthen Communities

As the family enters their safe, new home for the first time, you can celebrate knowing that as their lives improve, the whole community is becoming stronger.

Deep Connections

Sometime between arrival and the time they celebrate the finished house, the students will have formed some pretty meaningful relationships. We can’t tell you when exactly it happens, but it always does.

Safe, Positive Environment

Builds are the perfect place to learn and play. Beyond the logistics that make our trips safe, it’s an environment where students are encouraged to get messy, try new things, and share their thoughts. 

For all you visual learners, here’s a quick but comprehensive look at what to expect on a LiveDifferent Build.

Watch as students from Seycove Secondary School welcome three families into their new homes.

Hands up if you think learning should be fun.

We pack a lot into your visit.

Work Work Work

Putting sweat and effort into a physical project is something new to a lot of students. And you know what—they find it super fun (and rewarding).

Nightly Debriefs

A lot happens each day! We have guided sessions in the evenings to unpack experiences and reinforce the learning.


Being introduced into a new culture is exciting! From a night out together to a special excursion, there is plenty of room for growth and adventure.

Scheduled Activities

From breakfast to curfew, we plan out every minute with games, theme nights, and other activities. We’re not big on downtime (but it’s available if requested).

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There is no such thing as a silly question.

And when thinking about taking a group of students to the Dominican Republic or Mexico, you’ll probably have a lot of them. Here are two we get all the time:

Is it safe?

Our worksite practices have gone through safety audits, our staff are trained in first aid, and we have 24-hour access to quality medical assistance on our Builds. From pick up to drop off, we provide the students with full supervision and make sure each day is filled with activities.

Does it really help?

Safe housing helps strengthen families and communities. We have great relationships with local communities and always make sure that they lead the conversation when it comes to determining the next project that we will work on together.

Curious to learn more about what it takes to plan a Build?

We’ve outlined what it takes to plan your Build. Take a look.

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