Can I bring donations/gifts for the local people?

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Live Different would never want to discourage a desire and passion to make a difference, we simply want to ensure that those good intentions really do become an empowering and lasting investment, showing dignity and respect to individuals, families, and communities we work in.

After years of working in various communities and countries, we found that simply giving out donations rarely meets long-term needs, and doesn’t build a sustainable, caring relationship between Live Different and the communities we work in. For this reason, we ask that our volunteers do not bring any physical donations with them on their Build.

Included in your minimum fundraising goal are funds to purchase start-up items to support the project and/or family or individuals, such as groceries or other household items. If you want to help in the best way possible consider raising funds beyond your minimum fundraising goal instead of purchasing/collecting physical donations back at home. All funds that exceed the minimum fundraising goal go towards our Emergency Relief and Community Development Fund which exists to address dire needs within the communities we work in. If you have any questions regarding this topic please don’t hesitate to reach out!

 Learn more about how Live Different handles aid and donations.