Live Different Projects are programs or infrastructure projects that address critical needs identified within our host communities. Past Projects have included schools, children’s homes, playgrounds, water lines and cisterns, bridges, fences, and medical clinics.

Live Different chooses to employ and work alongside local labourers and tradespeople in the communities we partner with. By supporting and partnering with local tradespeople, neighbours, and community leaders, the result is healthy, organic growth.

Our Development Model

Every community we work with is unique with it’s own strengths and needs. Pictured are some of the teachers from our school in Haiti. They play a very important role, along with the rest of the staff, community, and members of “Aseedh” (the local foundation that oversees the administration of the school), in the lives of these children.

Make Change Possible

Live Different Projects are made possible by generous donors like yourself. Your donations make a difference in countries around the world.

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Donate to a Project

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